Nathan And The Zydeco Cha Chas:I'm In Love:Zydeco:Putumayo
Fiona Boyes:Guys Be Wise:Blues For Hard Times:Blues Empress
The Wood Brothers:Stumbled In:Smoke Ring Halo:Southern Ground
Truckstop Honeymoon:Cowtown Blues:Steamboat In A Cornfield:Squirrel
Tangleweed:Rolling Downhill:Please Punch Richard For Me:Squatney
Rosie Ledet:Bayou Blues:Zydeco Sensation:Maison De Soul
Johnson, Miller & Dermody:Blackbird Blues:We Heard The Voice A Porkchop:Orb Discs
Steve Brown And The Bailers:Gravel Road:Things Change:Self
John Lilly:Come And Go:Cold Comfort:Javelina
The Refugees:Catch Me If You Can:Three:Wabuho
Katya Chorover:Movin' On:Big Big Love:Cat and the Moon
Clifton Chenier:Zydeco Cha Cha:The King Of Zydeco:Arhoolie
Fred Eaglesmith:Alcohol And Pills:Ralph's Last Show:Signature Sounds
Stephen David Austin:Heroes And Heroin:A Bakersfield Dozen:Self
Gretchen Peters:Hello Cruel World:Title:Scarlet Letter
Reed Foehl:Goodbye World:Once An Ocean:Self
The Boxcar Lilies:Old Man:Heartwood:Self
Big Red And The Zydeco Playmakers:Zydeco Lady:Secret Ingredients:Maison De Soul
Boogie Bone:Boogie Bone Boogie:Bone-A-Fied:Self
Michelle McAfee:Going Home:Up In The Air:Self
Beth Cahill:Chinese Words:Songs For Sarah:Soona Songs
Arthur Davenport:Rearview Mirror:Whispering To The Wind:Self
Eric Dahl:Could You Love Me:Live By Your Word:Yew Lane
Queen Ida And Her Zydeco Band:My Girl Josephine:Zydeco:Putumayo

"Zydeco Nation" was aired for the final ~55 minutes.