Blackie and the Rodeo Kings:Under the Rain:Let's Frolic:True North
Steve Earle:Satelitte Radio:Washington Square Serenade:New West
Ray Bonneville:Crow John:Goin' by Feel:Red House
The Kennedys:Breathe:Better Dreams:Appleseed
Chris Webster:Something In The Water:Title:Dig
Sugar Bayou:Galveston:Dance Hall Incident:Vocalicon
The Derailers:Johnny B Goode:Under the Influence of Buck:Palo Duro
Anne McCue:Ballad of an Outlaw Woman:Five Blues Songs:Demo
Fur Dixon and Steve Werner:Reputation of a Rambler:The Pearl and the Swine:Grass & Gravel
Blue Highway:My Ropin' Days Are Done:Through the Window of a Train:Rounder
Rita Hosking:Farwell Angelina:Silver Stream:Self
Peggy Seeger:O the Wind and Rain:Bring Me Home:Appleseed
Hamell on Trial:Inquiring Minds:Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs:Righteous Babe
Muriel Anderson:Rio de Janeiro:Wildcat:CGD
Swingamajig:Nuages:Don't Sweat the Small Stuff:Pacific
Stompy Jones:Hand Clappin':That's Alright!:Harp
Bob Frank:Red Neck, Blue Collar:Title:Memphis International
The Steeldrivers:If it Hadn't Been for Love:Self:Rounder
Colin Gilmore:The Beautiful Waitress:The Day the World Stopped and Spun the Other Way:Squirm
Randall Williams:Praying for Land:Title:Musafir
Crooked Still:Rank Stranger:Hop High:Signature
Robert Plant and Allison Krause:Long Journey:Raising Sand:Rounder
Angelo M.:Far From Home:Title:Self
Michelle Malone:Beyond the Mountain:Sugarfoot:SBS
Shelly King:Welcome Home:Self:Demo
Lovell Sisters:Fallen Angel:Women Voices:Folk Alliance 2008
Jill Jack:Find My Way Home:Moon and the Morning After:Uphill
Kohala:Deeper Blue:Title:Palm
Sean Smith:The Way of This Place:Acoustic Folk Poet (live@eddiesattic):Self
The Tennessee Boltsmokers:Vintage All American Dream:Good Pickins (Memphis Homegrown):Folk Alliance 2008
Hoven Droven:Tachan:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Cara Luft:Black Water Side:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Joe Crookston:Freddy the Falcon:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Po' Girl:Texas:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Companyia Electrica Dharma:Inana:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
MichE Fambro:Hope:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Emily Kurn:Mississippi Moon:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Storyhill:Paradise Lost:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
KaiserCartel:Okay:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008
Joe Jencks:Flame in the Darkness:Showcase Compilation XII:Folk Alliance 2008