Steve Fromholz:Texas Trilogy:Jus' Palyin' Along:Lone Star
Evie Ladin Band:He's Not Alone:Self:Self
Gretchen Peters:Woman On The Wheel:Hello Cruel World:Scarlet Letter
Audry Auld:Down In A Hole:Resurrection Moon:Reckless
Evan Frankel:Everybody's Talkin':Ten Thousand Miles:Narrow Lane
Tracy Weinberg:Looking For Trouble:Mountains Of Dreams:Self
Jon Byrd:Alabama Asphalt:Down At The Well Of Wishes:Longleaf Pine
Chris Lavancher:Lone Train Whistle:Roadside Attractions:Self
Steve Martin:Ramblin' Man/Theme From Ramblin' Man:Let's Get Small:Warner Brothers
Jackstraw:Sunny Brae:Sunday Never Comes:Self
Molasses Creek:Here Comes Rose:An Island Out Of Time:Soundside
I See Haws In LA:I Fell In Love With The Grateful Dead:New Kind Of Lonely:Western Seeds
Sons Of The Never Wrong & Friends:Hog Heaven:Church Of The Never Wrong:Waterbug
The Civil Wars:20 Years:Barton Hollow:Sensibility
Better Halves:My Internet Date:Tete A Tete:Self
Melody Walker:Stars Align:Gold Rush Goddess:Self
Jo Carol Pierce:I Blame God:Songs From Chippy:Hollywood
Miss Quincy:Dangerous:Like The Devil Does:Self
Willie Nelson:Just Breathe:Heroes:Legacy
Eric Taylor And Friends:Deadwood:Live At The Red Shack:Blue Ruby
Johnny Cash:I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal:Bootleg Vol IV-The Soul Of Truth:Legacy
Caroline Doctorow:Way Out West:I Carry All I Own-The Songs Of Mary McCaslin:Narrow Lane
Caroline Doctorow (Pete Kennedy):Music Strings:I Carry All I Own-The Songs Of Mary McCaslin:Narrow Lane

"Leonard Cohen-Old Ideas With New Friends" was aired for the final ~55 minutes.