Austin Lounge Lizards:Old Blevins:Small Minds:Watermelon
Fred Eaglesmith:Cigarette Machine:6 Volts:Self
Paul Simon:The Boy In The Bubble:Graceland:Legacy
Willie Nelson:Roll Me Up:Heroes:Legacy
Maddox Brothers And Rose:Milk Cow Blues:Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music 1947:Bear Family
Wylie And The Wild West:Ugly Girl Blues:Rocketbuster:Hi-Line
No Fracking Way:Marc Black:Sometimes A Spark:Suma
John Prine:Paradise:The Singing Mailman Delivers:Ohboy
The Honey Dewdrops:Bright Morning Star:Silver Lining:Self
John Prine:Hey Good Lookin'/Jambalaya:The Singing Mailman Delivers:Oh Boy
Shook Twins:Time To Swim:Window:Self
The Refugees:Every Body And Soul:Three:Wabuho
Lizzy Ross Band:Waves:Read Me Out Loud:Merdog
Various Artists:Entire Side One:Mark Twain Words And Music:Mailboat
John Hartford:Old Time River Man:Down On The River:Flying Fish
John Hartford:M.I.S.I.P.:Goin' Back To Dixie:Small Dog a-Barkin
John Hartford:Delta Queen Waltz:Down On The River:Flying Fish
Guy Clark:Homegrown Tomatoes:Keepers:Sugarhill
Joe Conley:My Wife Loves Me, Why Won't You:Sad Songs For Happy People:Self
Lucio Rubino:Fallin' From The Start:Self:The Fish Tank Recordings
I See Hawks In L.A.:Your Love Is Going To Kill Me:New Kind Of Lonely:Western Seeds
Various Artists:Entire Side Two:Mark Twain Words And Music:Mailboat