Jorge Cordoba:Frijole Boogie:Pachuco Boogie:Arhoolie
Joni Mitchell:River:Blue:Reprise
Joel Mabus:Stille Nacht (Silent Night):A Parlor Guitar Christmas:Fossil
The Pretenders:2000 Miles:New Wave Xmas:Rhino
Jackson Browne:Leaving Winslow:Standing In The Breach:Inside Recordings
Louis Armstrong:Night Before Christmas - A Poem:Christmas Greetings From New Orleans:Louisana Red Hot
Doc Mo She':Hanukkah Homeboy:Dr. Demento - Holidays In Dementia:Rhino
Tex Ritter:Christmas Carols By The Old Corral:Billboard - Greatest Country Hits:Rhino
Lydia Loveless:Wine Lips:Somewhere Else:Bloodshot
Marcia Ball:The Tattoo Lady And The Alligator Man:Title:Alligator
Bob Rivers And Twisted Radio:Grahbe Yahbalz:I Am Santa Claus:Atlantic
Everly Brothers:Christmas Eve Can Kill You:Bummed Out Christmas!:Rhino
Shelly Waters:Dance In The Rain:Drive:Moonwatcher
Michael Gaither:Black Friday's Eve:Lump Of Coal:Self
Old And In The Way:Wild Horses:Breakdown - Original Live Recordings 1973 Vol. II:Acoustic Disc
Cache Valley Drifters:White Room:Title:CMH
Conjunto San Antonio Alegre:Las Pachuquitas:Pachuco Boogie:Arhoolie
Buck Owens:Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy:Billboard - Greatest Country Hits:Rhino
Selwyn Birchwood:Brown Paper Bag:Don't Kill No Ambulance:Alligator
John Lee Hooker:Blues For Christmas:Blue Yule:Rhino
Lightnin' Hopkins:Christmas Blues:Merry Blue Christmas:Fuel
Eileen Rose:Each Passing Hour:Be Many Gone:Holy Wreckords
The Early Mays:I Wonder As I Wander:Out Under The Sky:CD Baby
Louvin Brothers:Santa's Big Parade:Redneck Christmas:Time Life
The Ventures:Sleigh Ride:Christmas Classics:Rhino
Beatriz Marquez:Cascabel (Jingle Bells):It's A Cuban Christmas:Protel
Conjunto Alamo:Buena Vista Swing:Pachuco Boogie:Arhoolie
40 Watt Dreams:I Get Around:After The Show:Squirrel
Bob Rivers And Twisted Radio:Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear:I Am Santa Claus:Atlantic
Alex Hahn:Tell Mama:The Wallflower:Self
Johnny Cash:The Little Drummer Boy:Billboard - Greatest Country Hits:Rhino
Cledus T. Judd:Tree's On Fire:Cledus Navidad:Monument
Stan Freberg:Green Christmas:Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time:Rhino
Joni Mitchell:Carey:Blue:Reprise
Katie Glassman And Snapshot:Sweet Lies:Dream A Little Dream:Fiddle Parlor
Jackson Browne:You Know The Night:Standing In The Breach:Inside Recordings
Pearl Bailey:Five Pound Box Of Money:Hipsters' Holiday:Rhino
Dwight Yoakam:Santa Can't Stay:Redneck Christmas:Time Life
Allan Sherman:The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas:Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time:Rhino
Decembersongs:Dad's Drunk Again On Christmas:An East Nashville Christmas:Decembersongs
Sherwin Linton:Santa Got A DWI:Bummed Out Christmas!:Rhino
Sally Fingerett:Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues:Just One Angel:Yellow Tail
Giles Corey:Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You:Stoned Soul:Delmark
Brian Setzer:Winter Wonderland:Boogie Woogie Christmas:Surfdog