Urban Monroes:Mr. Grinch (Holiday Single):Download:Self
Mr. Vegas Man:Hey Santa:Download:Self
The Ventures:Sleigh Ride:Christmas Classics:Rhino
The Side Cats:Santa's Back:Download:Self
Cledus T. Judd:Tree's On Fire:Cledus Navidad:Monument
Dwight Yoakam:Santa Can't Stay:Redneck Christmas:BMG
O'Brien Party Of 7:Reincarnation (The Songs Of Roger Miller):Title:Howdy Skies
Randy Sharp/Maia Sharp/
Jack Wesley Routh:Burn Day:Dreams Of The San Joaquin:Blix Street
The Brian Setzer Orchestra:The Nutcracker Suite:Boogie Woogie Christmas:Surfdog
Charles Brown:Merry Christmas Baby:Merry Blue Christmas:Fuel
The Blackberry Bushes:Salt Creek:Little Bit Of Grace:Self
Robin And Linda Williams:World Wide Peace:These Old Dark Hills:Red House
Joice Walton:Armed And Dangerous:Texas Heat:
Pinnacle Records
Big Joe Williams:Christmas Blues:Merry Blue Christmas:Fuel
Johnny Adams:Silver Bells:
Merry Blue Christmas:Fuel
Sonny Boy Williamson:Santa Claus:Blue Yule:Rhino
Miles Davis:Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern):Hipsters' Holiday:Rhino
Tom Lehrer:A Christmas Carol:Dr. Demento/The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD:Rhino
The Wailers:Christmas Spirit??:Bummed Out Christmas!:Rhino
Moot Davis:Black And White Picture:Man About Town:
Highway Kind
Claire Lynch:Only Passing Through:New Day:New Rounder
The Pretenders:2000 Miles:New Wave Xmas:Rhino
Sally Fingerett:Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues:Just One Angel:Yellow Tail
Gefilte Joe And The Fish:Hanukkah Rocks:Dr. Demento Holidays In Dementia:Rhino
Billy Joe Shaver:Necessary Evil:Billy And The Kid:Music World Productions
Alice Stuart And The Formerlys:I've Got Something For You:Live At The Triple Door:Country Con Fusion
Tex Ritter:Christmas Carols By The Old Corral:Billboard Greatest Country Christmas Hits:Rhino
Homer And Jethro:All I Want For Christmas Is My Upper Plate:Redneck Christmas:BMG
Buck Peterson:Quacking Of The Bells:Buck's Ducks Classic Christmas Songs:Self
Butch Ross:Silent Night:The Dulcimer Christmas Album:Self
Reilly And Maloney:River:A Christmas Album:Pelican
Jed Marum:Banjos We Have Heard On High:Rejoyce! A Christmas Album:Boston Road
The Early Mays:I Wonder As I Wander:Out Under The Sky:Self
It's A Cow Christmas:We Wish You A Dairy Christmas:Self:Spinnaker
Joel Mabus:The First Noel:A Parlor Guitar Christmas:Fossil
Robert Bobby:Christmas Puppies:This Time And Place:Wherefore Arts
Roy Orbison:Pretty Paper:Christmas Classics:Rhino
Ken And Lisa Theriot:Drink To The Holly Bery:The Gifts Of Midwinter:Self
Sherwin Linton:Santa Got A DWI:Bummed Out Christmas!:Rhino
Cheech And Chong:Santa Claus And His Old Lady:Dr. Demento/The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD:Rhino
Coolbone Swing Troupe:Stuck On Christmas In New Orleans:Christmas Greetings From New Orleans:Louisiana Red Hot